“It's about time that all of us, like Dana, realized that little girls are onto something.”

Lauren Faust

Voice talent!

When I read my books to kids, I do Marigold’s voice in a kind of haughty mid-Atlantic accent…I’ve often said it’s a bad impression of Rarity from “My Little Pony.” But after Tabitha St. Germain, who voices Rarity (and also Princess Luna) posted this on Vine, I’m thinking more about casting her as Phoebe.  Read more →

I blog in places besides my blog

In connection with my winning the PNBA award, I wrote an essay for NW Book Lovers: Sometimes a unicorn shows up in your life and makes everything better. I wasn’t really expecting one. A few years ago, I had nearly realized an ambition I’ve had since age 12: I had scored a contract to develop a comic strip for newspaper… Read more →