“It's about time that all of us, like Dana, realized that little girls are onto something.”

Lauren Faust

On Sunday repeats

So longtime readers will have noticed that some of the current Sundays are repeats (usually in edited form) from the days when the strip was online-only. I suppose I feel I should explain myself. My editor told me I could do it. I’m going to hide behind that, I think. It won’t go on forever–it can’t–but some of the Sundays… Read more →

Summer reading

People following the strip will recall that Phoebe has been scrambling to finish her summer reading on time. My friend/correspondent Laura Tew writes: Dear PhoebeDo not despairYou are not aloneThis is my summer reading list!!Your empathetic friend, Laura I think Laura is a more ambitious reader than me. (I have read one of those books, and it’s the one I… Read more →

Wiki wiki wiki

There should probably be a┬ápermanent┬álink to this somewhere on the site, but for now I will just note that there is an unofficial Phoebe and Her Unicorn wiki now. Personally, I think these things are better when they’re unofficial. Read more →