Making introductions

The introduction to Phoebe and Her Unicorn was written by the great Peter S. Beagle. The introduction to the forthcoming Unicorn on a Roll was written by the equally great Lauren Faust.

When we first started working on the original book, I remarked to people that my two dream choices for the task, in the whole world, were Peter S. Beagle and Lauren Faust. So, that worked out extremely well.

Now I’m wondering what seemingly unrealistic person I should try to get for book 3. (Don’t say Bill Watterson. I tried that. Nobody gets Bill Watterson. We have the same book editor and I still have no shot.)

I mean, one of the Bloom County books had an intro by Mikhail Gorbachev. The sky’s the limit.


Book stuff

Firstly, I’ll be at The Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, tomorrow, from 1 to 2 p.m., appearing with some other authors and promoting books we like. I’ll be signing my own book and also sharing the work of my friend, the remarkable Richard Roberts.

The occasion is Indies First Day. indiesfirst_0

And to whoever casually placed my name right after Sherman Alexie’s…you, sir or ma’am, have made my night.

The other thing is I just noticed Heavenly Nostrils book 2 is already available for preorder! It ships May 25.81fU7g3OTyL


This one was a turning point

Regarding the storyline I’m rerunning on gocomics this week–which begins here

It’s originally from two years ago, from the first November of the strip (which will be three years old in April…my how time flies). I think it was kind of a turning point in Marigold and Phoebe’s friendship, and helped me define their relationship.

Up until that point, Marigold was sort of going along with being Phoebe’s friend because she was obligated. In the leaf storyline, though, Marigold is both 1) being helpful to Phoebe, and 2) messing with her.

It set the stage for the storyline, a few weeks later, in which Phoebe releases Marigold from her promise, and Marigold says she wants to keep being friends with Phoebe anyway.

It’s nice revisiting moments like that.

Peter S. Beagle ‘n me

unicornposterI have this poster for the movie “The Last Unicorn” in my living room. I think it’s a cheap reprint or something. In like 2009, I wanted to redecorate our apartment, and I thought it would be cool to have some posters from animated movies I loved as a kid. (I also bought posters for “The Secret of NIMH” and “The Rescuers Down Under.” And I stand by all three choices.)

I mentioned this poster to Last Unicorn author Peter S. Beagle a couple weeks ago, when he was in Seattle. He offered to come over to my house and sign it. I think his exact words were “I’ll go anywhere for a hot meal.”

What happened in between started with a tweet.

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