From the gocomics.com frontpage a few hours ago:

In terms of popularity, at that moment in time, I was sandwiched between one of my cartooning idols, and a strip which, to quote Homer Simpson, is “about two naked eight year olds who are married.”

5 thoughts on “Popular”

  1. I had no idea that the smarmy “Love is…” comic was so popular.

    Well, you can top that one in your sleep. You go grrl!

    (& maybe beat out the dead guy too. :รพ )

  2. Never read Love Is before. Now I can’t unread it. It’s like a comic strip of motivational posters.

    Anyhow, good luck with you strip! Looks like a great start. :)

    Also, I keep thinking of Marigold as a somewhat more vain version of Llewellyn. Is she going to run for president at some point?

  3. You can’t be faulted for liking Charles Schulz. NOBODY can be faulted for liking Charles Schulz. He’s a classic. And you know what? So are you.

  4. Watching this week has been like watching someone’s life-long dream come true, and wind up right next to Sparky just caps that off.

    All that development time and the changes from the original “GIRL” concept really refined it, without losing any of the characteristic Dana Simpson charm.

    (The final bit of “Dana Simpson charm” was delivered in the punchline of today’s comic. “Hm, what’s missing? — ah, there we go. Wry political commentary!”)

    … I may finally have to get a GoComics log-in so I can comment on the page itself.

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