“Deep down I want most things to explode.”

Millie Mudd


So the Phoebe and Her Unicorn Amazon storefront, with apparel, backpacks, bags, and cushions, is open! We still have shirts on Topatoco, too. Read more →

I'm Not A Girl

Happy to announce this book

So I’ve illustrated a picture book! Its co-author is young Maddox Lyons, a 12-year-old trans boy, and it’s about a little trans boy trying to be understood by his parents and the world. I think this is a wonderful project and I hope it opens some minds! It’s available to preorder now. Read more →

So I screwed up my PO box

If you’ve gotten fan mail back, it’s my fault. I failed to keep my PO box paid up, and I know some people got mail back. I’m really sorry! Feel free to send stuff along to the new address: Dana Simpson PO Box 6347 Santa Barbara, CA 93160-6347 Again, I’m really sorry for the inconvenience! Read more →

The unicorn of Today

So the Today Show had Amazon.com list some summer reading books for young reluctant readers. I’m #8! I’m almost more excited that Breaking Cat News, by my friend Georgia Dunn, is #2. Go Georgia! Go kitties! Read more →

I won something!

It had been a little while since I actually won an award, though I’ve been nominated a few times. This time, kids did the voting! Phoebe was voted “Bravest Hero” (For The Magic Storm) at the Kids’ Comics Awards, at the Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival. (Which, by the way, I should attend some time. I lived in Ann Arbor… Read more →