This one was a turning point

Regarding the storyline I’m rerunning on gocomics this week–which begins here

It’s originally from two years ago, from the first November of the strip (which will be three years old in April…my how time flies). I think it was kind of a turning point in Marigold and Phoebe’s friendship, and helped me define their relationship.

Up until that point, Marigold was sort of going along with being Phoebe’s friend because she was obligated. In the leaf storyline, though, Marigold is both 1) being helpful to Phoebe, and 2) messing with her.

It set the stage for the storyline, a few weeks later, in which Phoebe releases Marigold from her promise, and Marigold says she wants to keep being friends with Phoebe anyway.

It’s nice revisiting moments like that.

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