The final countdown

By the way, you’re welcome for getting that song stuck in your head. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Ahem. Anyhow, my editor says I can tell you this: MARCH 30! That is the date that “Phoebe and Her Unicorn” hits newspapers.  (If a paper has only bought the Sunday strips, as some do, the date is April 5.)

The last number I heard was 78 newspaper sales (the current number is probably higher), which is a very good number I’m told, and we’re in some pretty cool markets, too. (I don’t know the full list, but watch this space for more information–and if we’re not in your local paper, I encourage you to start bothering them until they fix that.)

Sit and listen, child, and I will tell you of a magical world before smartphones.
Sit and listen, child, and I will tell you of a magical world before smartphones.

So we’re six weeks out. And the reason the online strip is in reruns right now is that I’m building up a backlog for the print strip. I’ll try and get something original out in the next six weeks, but the launch is the priority right now. It’s what I’ve been working toward for the past decade and a half.

We’re shooting for 12 weeks in the can. At the moment we have about 9. And they’re subject to more rigorous editing than the online strip generally has been. (I’ve been underpaid for the online strip, though that’s been changing, but the upside has been more or less total creative freedom, and, well, I used that to make something special. Now I get to make big girl money, but I have to respond to a lot more “this is good, but make it funnier!” kind of stuff. C’est l’art.)

I do believe editing makes the strip stronger, and I have a great working relationship with my editor (hi Shena, and don’t tell them I said I was underpaid, please…unless you think that would get me more money). I like to think the results will speak for themselves.

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