We have liftoff

After three years of running online (and a name change), “Phoebe and Her Unicorn” launched in 110 publications yesterday. My work is, at long last, internationally syndicated.

It’s a lot to take in! I’ve been chasing this particular whale my entire adult life. I feel lightheaded. In a good way.

So have some links!

Such as the official press release!

Or some more news articles! The Columbian, in Vancouver, WA, did a nice one. So did the North Jersey Record. The one in the Fresno Bee was a fun interview. Also the Greensboro News & Record. And the Deseret News. And there are a couple more I’m waiting for! And probably at least one I forgot. It’s been fun but a bit of a blur.

The Everett Herald is the closest print newspaper that’s running the strip right now (the Seattle Intelligencer has it, but they’re online only now). I believe their article is still forthcoming, but I did a special strip for them for having the courtesy to be not very far away:

Special to the Everett Herald
Special to the Everett Herald

There are a lot more articles actually (110 is a lot of publications), but most of them are written from the press release, rather than go to the trouble of interviewing me (but I used to be a reporter, so it’s cool, I know how it is).


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