I’ll be everywhere, man

Want to see me? I’ll be at the University Bookstore in Seattle, on Tuesday night at 7, for the Unicorn on a Roll release party, signing autographs and answering questions. Then, next weekend, I’ll be at Everfree Northwest, in the dealer room, selling and signing books and being generally available.

It’s the start of a fairly busy season for me. In June I’m going to be in first Phoenix (on personal business) and then Los Angeles (on professional business). Then San Francisco (for the ALA convention, to which I’ve been invited by my publisher), and then in July, it’s San Diego (for Comic Con–I’ll be doing a signing at the GoComics booth).

I imagine that before this is over, I’m going to feel like I should have said no to something. I do have a tendency to overcommit myself. Nevertheless, I plan on having some fun.

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