Summer reading

People following the strip will recall that Phoebe has been scrambling to finish her summer reading on time.

My friend/correspondent Laura Tew writes:

IMG_1226 (1)Dear Phoebe
Do not despair
You are not alone
This is my summer reading list!!
Your empathetic friend, Laura

I think Laura is a more ambitious reader than me. (I have read one of those books, and it’s the one I was assigned in high school. I’m sure you can guess.)

Nevertheless, I have been reading this summer. I don’t have a cool photo of a stack of books like that, because I do a lot of my reading on digital devices these days.

But I did read Perfect Circle, a new biography of my all-time favorite band, R.E.M. Also, I mentioned in a previous post that I’m working on an autobiographical graphic novel, something I’ve been threatening to do for years; for a while now I’ve been making my way through some stuff in that genre, in hopes of actually knowing what I’m doing. Recently I’ve read and enjoyed El Deafo, Tomboy, and Smile.



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