I love you, Portland!


Powell’s Books, in Portland, Oregon, is featuring my book (the first one) as part of their Super Fun Kids’ Graphic Novel Sale. This is exciting for me, and not just because I like being featured in things.

I love Powell’s. Always have. Portland is a couple hours from Seattle, where I grew up and currently live. And visiting the self-described “largest independent bookstore in the world” always felt, to a proudly nerdy kid like me, like a pilgrimage.

Powell’s is so big that it really helps to have a map, if you’re going to find your way around in it. And it just…has that smell that bookstores, particularly stores that carry used books, always have. It smells like knowledge. Really, it’s a magical place.

powells-imageAnd Portland in general is a cool town. Smart. It reminds me of Seattle in the early 90s, before we started getting all insecure about not being San Francisco.

More than one Ozy and Millie strip was completed in their coffee shop, and I used to go and stand in the humor and comics aisles, find the two names that “Simpson” would go between, and think “some day.”

On the way back from Ashland (where I was visiting the Oregon Shakespeare Festival with my mom), I suggested we stop at Powell’s. It was my first visit since my book came out, and seeing my book being featured there–really, seeing it there at all–promised to do good things for my self-esteem, you know? And I was not disappointed.

2015-09-14 14.48.18I liked seeing it on the graphic novel sale display, and also on the “10 books to read before you’re 10” shelf, and on the regular shelf with a recommendation written by a little girl named Annika, who wrote “this story is about a 4th grade dweeb and her sassy diva unicorn!” (Hi, Annika!)

I debated whether I should tell someone who I was. It seemed sort of…I don’t know, presumptuous, to walk into Powell’s and announce “I’m an author! Praise me!” But at mom’s suggestion, I went to the information desk near the children’s books, and┬áthanked them for featuring my book.

And I’m glad I did. They were really excited I was there. And I love meeting book store people. They just always feel like my people.

I happily signed a couple stacks of both Phoebe and Her Unicorn and Unicorn on a Roll for them.

Powell’s is the best.

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