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From the Unicorn vs. Goblins release party on Saturday!

Best cake ever.
Best cake ever.
2016-02-27 20.30.59
I want to get one of these castles for my house. IKEA, apparently!
2016-02-27 21.15.47
Did I mention this was the best cake? Tasted good, too.
Blah blah me! Blah blah unicorns!
2016-02-27 20.30.22
Why yes, I will write things in your book!
Me with some young friends. <3
Me with some young friends. <3
2016-02-28 11.49.28
And sometimes young friends make me things.
2016-02-28 11.48.44
Plenty of grownup friends, too! Like the great Elizabeth Rose Stanton. Hi, Beth!
2016-02-28 11.48.38
And Christine from Simon & Shuster!
2016-02-28 11.48.26
DidI mention it was good cake?


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