Nothing’s the matter with Kansas

After I mentioned former Treasury Secretary (and Kansan, apparently) Georgia Neese Clark in Saturday’s strip, I was contacted by the Kansas Historical Society, the curator of which had this to say:

Good afternoon!

I am the Museum Curator for the Kansas Historical Society, and a reader of comic strips and editorial cartoons, often looking for Kansas references that may turn up. As a result, I couldn’t help noticing the reference in today’s “Phoebe and Her Unicorn” to a very notable Kansan, Georgia Neese Clark Gray.

This brings about a question which I am sure you are often asked. Would it be possible for us to receive the original artwork for today’s strip? We are always looking for items that make note of Famous Kansans, and this would be a nice addition.

We will understand perfectly if this is not possible. In any case, thank you for giving Georgia Neese Clark the recognition!

I don’t actually have originals to give them, because my process is all digital, but I offered to send a signed print of the strip, and they accepted. So next time I’m anywhere near Topeka┬áI’ll have to go check that out.

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