Coming back to Olympia!

I love Olympia Washington (a town a character on “Bojack Horseman” recently described as “B-plus”; he is wrong).

It’s where I attended college (I’m a graduate of The Evergreen State College, a school that seems to produce a lot of cartoonists), and thus where I lived for several years in my late teens and twenties. (Which is starting to be an uncomfortably long time ago.)

I’m going to be back at Evergreen for their “Return To Evergreen” event (“gathering together Evergreen alumni and friends from every graduating class for a day of fascinating experiences and great people”). I’ve always kinda hoped they’d ask me, one of these years.

The panel I’m on at 12:30 PM, with other artists, is “Bezango, WA: Feel the Impact of Northwest Comic Artists.”

Bezango, WA, a film directed by Ron Austin ’91 and Louise Amandes, tells the tale of cartooning and comics in the Pacific Northwest, focusing on the alternative community. See the film and hear the panel of alumni artists as they explore the connections between the comics, cartoons, and Evergreen.

What I do is not very alternative, except I think it is, just in a subtly subversive way. I am making feminist freethinkers out of your children, America. Anyway, this should be quite interesting.

Immediately after that I’m going to have to run down to the Olympia Timberland Library, for their “Kids <3 Comics” event, at 2:30. I’ll be appearing with Barry Deutsch, of “Hereville” fame. We’ll both be presenting, with AV accompaniment, and also signing and meeting and greeting and all that.

That one is co-sponsored by the Danger Room, where I used to buy all my comics when I lived in Olympia. It’s cool that someone I’ve known there since my college days now owns the joint.

All in all, this is a homecoming, and I’m very excited about it.


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