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What do you use to make your comics?

Prior to about 2009, I was all about ink and paper, but I’m all pixels now. I use Manga Studio for 90 percent of what I do, with the rest being Adobe Photoshop (an almost unavoidable piece of software) and Corel Painter.

Why is your strip called “Heavenly Nostrils”? Wasn’t it originally called “Girl”?

During almost two years of development, the strip changed a lot, including its title.

Why such a weird title, then?

The phrase appears in a translation of the Iliad. But I got it from a unicorn name generator.

Are you ever going to do more Ozy and Millie?

Probably. I won’t ever do it as a daily strip again, but there are lots of other possibilities.

What about Raine Dog?

Less Likely. Raine Dog was a creation of a particular time in my life, and would be hard to revisit; it’s an orphaned project for the foreseeable future.

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